Dyno Facilities

Engine Dyno Testing Cell

Our purpose-built engine dyno cell is fitted with the latest technology in engine dyno control. Bolted to our Stuska water brake, we can break-in, tune and validate your engine’s performance before being delivered to you. Fuel injected, supercharged and marine applications are commonly tested. We can test almost anything with a flywheel. Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru and more. We monitor all important parameters including fuel flow and fuel returns, air fuel ratios, exhaust gas temperatures, bsfc, spark and ignition curves, individual cylinder timing, blow by and of course correction factors for weather compensation.

JB Automotive’s regular engine clients include:

  • Bruce Leake
  • 222 Offshore
  • Michael Marson
  • Dave Muir
  • Steven Somer
  • Ryan Coleman Superbad offshore
  • John Beckingham



Chassis Dyno

Our in-house chassis dyno can offer a final check and tune to complement the engine dyno tune of your new JB Automotive engine. Dialing in the final configurations to any onboard systems and ensuring the power transfer to the wheels you’re looking for. This final step can greatly assist with ironing out any faulty systems and provide confidence before you roll out to testing. JB Auto can provide tunes to OEM & modified vehicles on our 2wd chassis & hub dyno for diesel, petrol, and other race fueled cars. Contacts us for more information.

Engine Tuning / Calibration

Whether you’re old school, new school or competing at a professional level, we can supply, install and calibrate the latest carburetors, EFI options, engine management solutions, and data loggers.