Engine Components

Engine Components


ARP started applying technology to race fastener design and manufacturing in 1968. ARP manufactures fasteners from a wide assortment of materials ranging from popular stainless steel and 8740 chrome moly to exotic alloys that have been developed to handle space travel. Contact us for all ARP pricing and information.


Bullet Racing Cams are leaders in providing Camshafts and related parts for serious racers. You can view their online catalogue by visiting their website or contact our office for more details.


Cometic Gasket are leaders in worldwide suppliers of gaskets and engine sealing solutions for the Automotive Performance, Powersports, Original Equipment and Remanufactured Engine Industries.

CP Carillo

CP Carrillo. CP Pistons are the choice piston of JB Automotive and are used in all of our Race Engines. We also specialise them in all of the engines that we build. The majority of the time a custom piston will need to be ordered and will take up to five weeks for these to be received.

GRP Conrods

GRP Connecting Rods. Here at JB Automotive we stock a large range of GRP Connecting Rods for all applications from sportsman through to Pro Stock. GRP are the world leaders in Billet Aluminium and Billet Titanium Connecting Rods.


Jesel Valvetrain Innovation. Used by championship racers in virtually every form of racing, Jesel have a large range of world class products ranging from Rockers, Lifters, Belt Drives, Pushrods, Followers and Cams etc. Jesel will custom build your products to suit your specific application.


Manley Speed Equipment was founded by Hank Manley in 1966 and over the years, gained recognition with renowned racers like Don Garlits, Bill Jenkins, and “Jungle Jim” Liberman using their products. In 2002, Manley entered the high-performance passenger car market as an OEM supplier for Ford. Today, Manley Performance remains a key player in the evolving high-performance aftermarket industry.


Manton Pushrods have become the most technically advanced serviceable pushrod manufacturing company in the world. That’s why many of the most respected people in motorsports use only Manton pushrods and rockerarm adjusting screws.


PSI Springs. On February 22, 1998, at Rockingham, Jeff Gordon secured his 30th career win with a hidden advantage: PSI valve springs. These marked the debut of PSI valve springs in NASCAR races, paving the way for widespread adoption by most teams in the following years. This adoption sparked a revolution in engine building, and is the product of choice at JB Automotive.


Xceldyne Technologies is a world-class manufacturer of valves, valve train and racing components specializing in titanium alloys. Xceldyne offer superior quality and consistency, trusted by JB Automotive.