Performance Engines

Complete Engine Solutions

From offshore powerboats to pro stock drag and race buggies, JB Automotive are experienced in offering complete engine solutions. With engine design, machining, assembly, tuning, and testing all performed in house, JBA will ensure a complete start to finish package for any engine application. You can be sure JBA has the knowledge and experience to help you take 1st place. Contact us for more information or to book a meeting to discuss your needs.


Machining Services

Cylinder Head Reconditioning

A Newen Countour is our choice of Cylinder Head and Guide equipment. As well as normal three angle valve seat reconditioning, we also can program unlimited amount of Valve Angles and radius’s to suit the racing head business. A Sunnen VGS20 Machine is used to Bore and fit Bronze guides, then Hone finish to clearance using the Sunnen valve guide hones, Machine and fit Burrillium valve seats, machine guides for seals and spring pads for clearance without removing the head from machine.


All Honing is done on our Sunnen CV616 and checked with a profile meter.

Honing race blocks is becoming a speciality on its own as the performance limits rise to a new level. The use of proprietary hone stone sets and procedures for honing these blocks are becoming common place in the engine building community. There are many ring manufactures today wanting special bore finishes, there is power in ring seal. Ring seal is the most crucial part of the breaking in procedure of a race engine. From in-house R & D on the dyno, we now know what finish we need on the bore to suit each application.

Bore & Sleeving

With our Centroid CNC Machining Centre, we can bore your engine and correct cylinder bore alignment to the crankshaft and Bore Spacing. We can also bore steps for flanged sleeves and fit repair liners to damaged cylinders to reclaim blocks back to their original state.

Block Trueing and Machining

Our Centroid Machine allows us to square the decks and set the heights on your race block then true each bore before your block goes to through Honing procedures.


Complete engine rotating assembly can be balanced on our T & S Engine Balancer. Internal or externally counterweighted crankshafts are done on the machine including the fitting of heavy metal (mallory metal).

Lifter Bore Bushing (including key way bushes)

Lifter Bore Alignment and Bushing using our Precision Products A45 bushings is done for a couple of reasons. The common one being to correct the position of the lifter and the oil clearance. The second is to repair oiling problems on some engines, (eg 308 Holdens). In stock we have .845″, .875″, .904″ and .937″ Jesel Keyway bushings.

Conrod Resizing & Honing

Conrod resizing and cap machining is done on our Sunnen Cap Grinder and Sunnen Hydraulic Conrod hone. We also clearance piston to wrist pins on all popular race engines, resize small end and fit small end bushes to repair worn conrods.

Aluminium Welding

All aluminium welding on site is done using a Miller Syncrowave 250 Tig. We also have torches to fit inside ports to repair cracks etc.

Sheet Metal Intake Manifolds

Manufacturing of Sheet Metal intake Manifolds for our Race Engines are also done in house, we are able to use sheet metal runners or more commonly billet runners which are becoming the norm in the competitive world of Drag Racing.

Cylinder Head Porting

Porting is done in house using a Centroid 5 Axis Porting and Digitizing Machine.

Sonic Testing

We can measure the thickness of metal in areas that can’t be accessed for direct measurement, the most common being cylinder walls. Just like a radar gun, the sonic tester sends out a sound wave and then calculates the thickness of the metal by measuring the time for the reflected wave to return. Without any access to Sonic Testing, individual cylinders can be significantly thinner on one side versus another due to the reboring process. Once the thickness of the cylinder wall has been determined a factual decision can be made about the suitability of the block for the proposed reboring procedure.

Surface Finish Testing

The quality of machined surface is characterized by the accuracy of its manufacture with respect to the dimensions specified by the designer. Every machining operation leaves characteristic evidence on the machined surface. This evidence in the form of finely spaced micro irregularities left by the cutting tool. Each type of cutting tool leaves its own individual pattern which therefore can be identified. Alternatively surface finishes imparted by shot blasting, shot peening, Electro Discharge EDT, or other plating operations impart a specific surface finish.

Line Boring Blocks

We have two machines to Line Bore Blocks, one is a Winnona Van Norman and the other is a BHJ Race Block Line Borer for mains and cam tunnels. Rigid enough to bore a cam tunnel out from Std to 70mm. All tolerances being held to .0001″.

Line Honing

All Line Honing is done with our Sunnen CH100 Line Hone and is used on all our Engines to recondition the main and cam tunnel when overhauling our race engines.